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Are you considering hiring us to create your wedding video? Then you might be wondering how’s the whole process gonna be like. At All You Need Is Love Films we have our own way of taking on wedding films that helps us get the best results while interfering as little as possible with the celebration.

We divide the process in three steps.

first contact
the big day
edit & delivery
Step 1
first contact

It all starts with a little chat. At this point we get to know each other and solve all the questions you may have. We will show you examples of videos that we do not have posted on the web (especially full wedding films) and we will try to get to know you a little better in order to plan the best wedding video you can imagine.

If everything goes well and you confirm us as the videographers of your wedding, we will be in contact until the wedding day in case anything comes up. We should be updated about schedules, addresses and any possible changes. If the bride is planning to parachute down at the ceremony or if your father-in-law planned to embarrass everyone singing Sinatra's “My Way” at the party, please, let us know in advance.

Step 2
the big day

And the big day arrived! If you guys get dressed at home, we will come to film the preparations. If everything takes place in the same place as the ceremony, you will probably find us there when you arrive. We like to arrive a little earlier to have everything under control.

During the shoot we carry the best possible filming equipment without compromising agility or functionality. We like to keep it light so you won't see us arrive with a 30 pound camera on our shoulders. If you guys are interested in video equipment and want to know more details about our cameras, do not hesitate to ask us. We love getting geeky about our stuff!

Once we start recording, we make discretion our hallmark. We don’t like turning weddings into photo shoots, so you won’t be getting instructions all the time on how to pose or things like that. We let the celebration flow so you can fully enjoy it and we will obtain a totally natural and spontaneous result.

And we’ll be there until the whole thing ends, no overtime charges, no surprises.

Step 3
edit & delivery

Once the wedding is over, you will probably leave on your well-deserved honeymoon and the ball will be in our court. We will have hours and hours of video ahead of us to edit.

At this point, we already know you quite well. We know who you are and what you like and we edit the video respecting your personality as a couple. Every decision we make regarding the rhythm, music or style of the video will be keeping you guys in mind.

Once the video is finished, we will send it to you via WeTransfer and we’ll upload it in our Vimeo account protected with password. This way you can access it whenever and wherever you want and share it with all your friends and family.

Looking for a wedding film videographer IN SPAIN?

If so, we will be happy to help you get the wedding film you deserve. Get in touch with us to answer your questions and check our availability. We will start planning together as soon as possible so that everything goes smoothly during the best day of your life.

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